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Taking snapshots with the eyemodule digital camera — a plug-in that works with the Handspring Visor — is a great way to lighten up interviews and playfully disrupt panel discussions. Everyone wants to try it out. The instant pix (the camera stores up to 500 small black-and-white images) have a whimsical, vacation-kitsch quality about them, even when your vistas are limited to the confines of a convention center or an office park.

Installing the eyemodule is every bit as easy as slipping a slice of bread into a toaster, and the software that controls the camera is fairly intuitive. You can also beam pictures to anyone else's compatible PalmOS device or download them in JPEG format to your desktop. The one missing feature I'd like to see added: a way to link photos to events in my calendar. The eyemodule can be purchased at for $149.95.

A version of this article appeared in the February 2001 issue of Fast Company magazine.