My Favorite Bookmarks: Denis Martineau

Who: Founder, president, and CEO of Aptilon Health
Surfing Manifesto: If a site has that “wow” factor that pushes you to do whatever you’re doing faster and better, that’s a compelling site — even if it’s one that doesn’t relate specifically to our business.


It’s both an individual and group game. And it’s just plain cool!

In the early days, the Web was seen as an easy metaphor for TV, but that’s not the way it turned out. is pushing the frontier.



This is an award-winning visual narrative that takes you on an introductory trip to Africa. It is the most intelligent and evocative site I have seen up to now.

Memoirs from Hijiyama

Jonathan Yuen is the author of this narrative site about Hiroshima. Extremely simple, yet intense and subtle.


A brilliant and intuitive navigational process that allows you to think as you surf. It’s really worth navigating through the case studies.

A very good place to get to know what’s really hot on the Web on every level.