Chief Inspiration Officer

Who: Hans Ruinemans
Company: GloCorp NV
Age: 45
Has held title for: One year and five months
Previous title: Marketing manager, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


Ask what inspires him, and Hans Ruinemans can’t shut up. The cofounder and chief inspiration officer of GloCorp NV, a consulting firm in the Netherlands, is positively juiced by the idea of connecting people and ideas. But that’s his job, after all. Each year, Ruinemans advises banks and telecommunications companies on how to build creative business models for the new world of work.

How do you inspire good ideas?

I’m good at making people smile. Humor is an effective way to open up the mind. It’s disarming and gives perspective. Some companies are so focused that they completely lack a sense of humor. They forget that there’s a human side of their business. It’s okay to stick a clown nose on your competitor.

How do you inspire action?

Before people implement ideas, they usually need a friendly kick in the pants. Stories, examples, and metaphors help people think beyond conventional space and inspire them to move forward and act. Sure, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by change. But meaningful examples scale down the challenge and make it tangible.

So, what inspires the inspirer?

Living. Let’s just say I’ve held many jobs, including taxi driver, Buddhist monk, physical-education teacher, therapist…