• 01.31.01

Everything Under One (Virtual) Roof

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Most of the Web seems to be about taking stuff in: pictures, sounds, and, of course, words — lots and lots of words. But what’s best about the Web is that it helps you get stuff done. And when it comes to gathering tools for actually doing stuff, there’s no better place to start than ( Just lift the lid on this virtual toolbox, and inside you’ll find a wealth of links to third-party applications (“apps”) that you can run straight from your browser.


Want to cook something but need a little inspiration? Click on the “Cooking” section, under “Health and Fitness,” and enlist the services of a virtual chef. Next, check out “Entertainment and Arts,” where you’ll find a wide array of games, quizzes, and novelty apps. There’s even a digital chess partner, waiting for you to make the first move. Want to get away from it all? Tools in the “Travel and Leisure” area promise to keep you flying.

Our advice: Make this site your source for one-stop surfing. It’s crisply organized by category, you can create a directory of your favorite apps, and each tool is rated by users who have already sampled it. (And we put our money where our mouse is: The FC Web site has a partnership with