Find Out What’s Cooking — on the Web

You’re doing it — again. You promised yourself that you’d leave work in time to make a decent dinner. But 7 PM rolls around, and you’re starving. You need a meal that will soothe your growling stomach — without giving you a bad case of diner’s remorse.

Food for thought: Why not see what’s cooking at (, a Web site that will help you get your cupboard — and your diet — in order? First on the menu is a “Profile” Q&A that takes about three minutes to fill out. Using your profile information, the site assigns you clever health-related icons that correspond to areas that you need to work on: a barbell (for exercise), a broccoli stalk (for vegetables), and so on. Then, as you use the site, relevant icons appear in highlighted form alongside each recipe that you select.

The next course is a “Menu Planner” that’s built around five easy-to-follow steps: Search for a meal, choose an entrée, add extras, get your menu, and make a shopping list. Other tools include “Cook It Safe,” which tells you how long you should cook various meats, and a nutrition dictionary.

Full of bite-sized tidbits about cooking, shopping, and staying fit, FoodFit is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.FCS