• 02.28.01

Better Bristles

Staff Stuff

On business trips, I always make my flight — sometimes by the skin of my teeth. So why can’t I remember to pack my toothbrush? As a tooth-conscious — but forgetful — business traveler, I’ve bought toothbrushes in Finland, Poland, and, most recently, Illinois. And I keep coming back to the Fuchs Ekotec Replaceable Head Toothbrush. Basically, it’s a handle with a replaceable head. All you need to do is push on the back of the toothbrush handle to remove the used bristles, then firmly snap in a new head (replacements are sold in handy four-packs for $4.75). Fuchs developed Ekotec using cutting-edge (but not bleeding-gum) European dental research to create a smaller head, a tighter bristle field, and an eco-economical toothbrush alternative. So brush up! The Fuchs Ekotec Replaceable Head Toothbrush, complete with three replacement heads, comes in a variety of toothsome colors and can be purchased for $4.95 on the Web (