My Favorite Booksmarks: Judy Meleliat

Who: Senior vice president of marketing at Xylo Inc., a work-life solutions provider
Surfing Manifesto: “If it’s not intuitive, fast, and inspired, it’s gone.”


I love the fact that this site provides a showcase for talent and for experimental-film work, everyone from student filmmakers to Oscar nominees.


This is a great resource for recipes — regardless of the level of your culinary expertise.

Guinness World Records

Where else could you find out about the guy who ate 62 worms in 30 seconds or the world tightrope endurance record (205 days)?

Need to know what’s up with Swampadelica? This site gives musical artists the kind of exposure that would have been impossible before the Net, including up-to-date touring information. Inc.

Check out the wonderful use of flash animation on this graphic-design firm’s site.

This is the ultimate gossip emporium, courtesy of the New York Post. I simply can’t miss it!FCS