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Screen Saver

Keep your work securely under wraps.

You’re on a crowded plane, shoehorned next to some self-important tyro hammering away at his laptop. This guy’s not about to share the armrest. The info on his screen, however, is a different story. Whoops! Let’s just say his company’s M&A plans just went public a little early. With 3M’s new Notebook Privacy Filter, you can keep your work securely under wraps. The patented microlouver technology makes on-screen data visible only to the person seated directly in front of the monitor. From the side, nosy parkers just see a blank screen. The lightweight piece of optical plastic, which is held in place with small tabs, fits snugly onto the screen and can be easily removed. Now, if you could just remove that guy seated in 12B.

The 3M Notebook Privacy Filter comes in three different sizes and starts at $85. Visit 3M on the Web (www.3M.com).


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