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Blam! Maximum Success
James Waldroop and Timothy Butler, directors of the career center at Harvard Business School, have identified the character traits that get in the way of success. Jill Rosenfeld
Creative Space
Wieden+Kennedy's new headquarters has one design goal: to help its people live creative lives. It also has a secret weapon: The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art is a tenant. Ron Lieber
Extreme Perks
Need ideas on how to keep your employees happy? Check out these employee benefits. Nancy Einhart
Full House
Executives at Las Vegas's Bellagio Hotel screened 84,000 candidates, did 27,000 interviews, and hired 9,600 people — in 24 weeks. Now Cisco wants to know how they did it. Bill Breen
How to Hire Great People at Web Speed
The speed-hiring team at Vignette Corp. wants to close on at least 25% of its hires within 48 hours — and cut its turnover rate to 1%. Debra Hunter
Man With a (Talent) Plan
Electronic Arts makes some of the world's most popular computer games. It's Rusty Rueff's job to fill the company with some of the world's best gamers and software programmers. Anna Muoio
Talent Bank
Thomas Weisel turned his former firm, Montgomery Securities, into an investment-banking powerhouse. Now he's building a new firm — and gaining ground on some of the most established names on Wall Street. George Anders
War for Talent II: Seven Ways to Win
McKinsey & Co. surveyed 6,900 senior executives and young managers from 56 companies to figure out the secrets of a smart plan to win the battle for great people. Fast Company
Where Are You on the Talent Map?
What's the secret to power hiring? Location, location, location. If you want to attract the right kind of people, it's not enough to be the right kind of company. Your company needs to be in the right kind of place. Bill Breen

Report From the Future

Face Time: Donna Dubinsky
Donna Dubinsky is half of the duo that turned the PalmPilot into the fastest-selling consumer product in history. So what's her killer app? Charles Fishman
Get a Lift
Detour Rekha Balu
Go Gaga
Here's a gadget to help you ring in the new year. Amy Wilson Sheldon
High Maintenence
Extreme Jobs Bill Breen
Imagine That
Report From the Futurist Christine Canabou
Luxury Gets Real
A beach house for new-economy nouveau riche and nouveau poor alike. Bonnie Schwartz
Mouse Beautiful
Turn your mouse into a style statement. Amy Wilson Sheldon
My Favorite Bookmarks: Damon Danielson
Picks from the CEO of Dotcomix. Fast Company
My Favorite Bookmarks: Julie Halpin
Picks from the CEO of the Geppetto Group. Fast Company
Norman Lear's Not Laughing
The creator of ''All in the Family'' built a nonprofit to celebrate socially responsible companies. Now the Business Enterprise Trust is dead. What went wrong? Keith H. Hammonds
Pencil in Your Partner
Enough already. Christine Canabou
Play Hard, Think Big
Meeting I Never Miss Cathy Olofson
The New Lure of Internet Marketing
Web sites need customers — they just can't spend to get them. The result: marketing schemes in which companies don't pay until customers do. Welcome to the Kickback Economy. Scott Kirsner
Staff Stuff Paul C. Judge, Senior Editor
VP of Happiness
Job Titles of the Future - Donna DeGrande Dixon Annie F. Pyatak
Want to Grow as a Leader? Get a Mentor!
Even top executives need mentors — and sometimes the best mentors work elsewhere. Jennifer Reingold
What Do I Get to Do Next?
What's Your Problem? Erika Germer

Net Company

Clip Job
Bet the Company Cathy Olofson
Don't Believe Everything You Read
One Click Faster Amy Wilson Sheldon
I Need a Room with a (Point of) View
Click Here Amy Wilson Sheldon
No Business Like Show Business
Career Move Amy Wilson Sheldon
No-Sweat Internet
Reinventors Cathy Olofson
Strategic Reading
A reading list that focuses on Internet strategy. Fast Company
Strategy Rules
Fast Function: Strategy Amy Wilson Sheldon
What's Next for the Net?
Fast Talk: A Roundtable George Anders and Polly LaBarre

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Advertisers in Issue 42
Interact with the companies whose products and services are advertised in Fast Company. Fast Company
Leaders and People
A letter from the founding editors. The Founding Editors
Table of Contents - January 2001
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A Spy in the House of Work The Spy

A version of this article appeared in the January 2001 issue of Fast Company magazine.