• 01.31.01

AB Fabulous

Calculate how fit you are.

What good is exercising if you can’t obsess about your body fat and VO2 max? The FS-1 system from FitSense calculates how fit you are. Just snap the Foot Pod sensor onto your shoe, strap the FS-1 wristwatch to your arm, and attach the heart strap to your chest. Now you’re ready to track your calorie burn rate; your running pace, speed, and distance; and your heart rate. The data is displayed on the watch screen while you’re sweatin’ to the oldies. But the best part (or the scariest, depending on your perspective) is that with the wireless NetLink, you can download the information via your PC to the FitSense Web site, where it can be stored and analyzed. The FS-1 system costs $199.95; the heart strap costs an additional $59.95. Visit FitSense on the Web (