3 Cities, 2 Careers, 1 Marriage

Who: Mike Kilgore, VP of sales and marketing at OmniSpace Technologies Inc., and Stacie Kilgore, senior analyst at Forrester Research


Sign of the Times: “With AOL Instant Messenger on my phone, I can IM Stacie from the plane while it’s on the runway just to say, ‘I’ll be home in time for dinner.’ ” — Mike Kilgore

Mike Kilgore, 33, and his wife, Stacie, 29, live in Atlanta. He works out of Dallas and is on the road four days a week. She works from home but travels to Boston every other week to touch base with her home office. A new-economy nightmare? Not at all: The Kilgores say that their far-flung lifestyle works like a dream.

Technology helps. “I couldn’t have done this job from home even two years ago,” says Stacie, “because I didn’t have access to the tools that keep me in touch with my research team, such as ISDN, videoconferencing, and instant messaging.” Between them, Mike and Stacie rack up more than 2,000 minutes in wireless calls every month. They pay bills and order groceries online. They even use a Webcam to keep an eye on Izzy, their yellow Lab, while she’s in doggy day care.

But the real key to managing their jet-set lives is a rather homespun virtue: discipline. “I’ve committed myself to being home for dinner on Thursday, and I’m there until breakfast on Monday,” says Mike. Adds Stacie: “When it comes to the weekend, Mike and I can focus on our real passion: watching college football.”FCS