My Favorite Bookmarks: Julie Halpin

Who: Founder and CEO of the Geppetto Group
Surfing Manifesto: With so much information available on the Web, I look for sites that simplify — and therefore accelerate — my ability to do my job.


One of the largest kid communities on the Web (for AOL members only). I use it to find out what excites and inspires today’s kids.

The Hunger Site

I’ve set this up as my home page. With one click, I can make a small contribution to the fight against world hunger.

A great site covering news, celebrities, and issues that clearly are important to teens — because a lot of the content is created by teens. There’s no better way to understand kids and what they care about than by simply listening to them.

This site is a great shortcut for finding relevant news and best practices in the world of marketing.


Broader cultural trends are often born in the fashion world. This site helps me track the complex, ever-changing global style scene.


Entertainment is another window into popular culture trends. This site is a handy tool for any marketer who wants to stay on top of the cultural forces that affect today’s consumers.