Road Rules – Rule 25

Work in your workouts.


Who: Scott Goldman (sgoldman, CEO, WAP Forum Ltd.
Home base: Calabasas, California
Mileage: Nearly 100,000 miles per year
Favorite destination: Sydney, Australia
Don’t leave home without it: A leather envelope full of photographs of my family, friends, and biking adventures


“As a competitive biker, I make time to stay active no matter where my job takes me. So if a business trip is going to last longer than three days, I pack up my bike and take it along. A lot of road warriors let go of personal time when they travel, but staying active helps me be a better executive. I feel focused, in shape, and in control of my schedule.”

“My bike, the Pocket Rocket, fits in a standard suitcase and requires about 10 minutes to assemble. Packed up, it’s a jumble of gears, cables, and frame parts. Put together, the bike looks like an adult-sized bike with BMX wheels. It always raises eyebrows at hotels.”

“Staying active requires organization. If I’m traveling to a new city, I’ll research local bike routes before I go, and either talk to friends or use the Internet to find a bike club in the area. Bellhops are also great resources. While I’m assembling my bike, I’ll ask them which streets I should avoid.”

“I try to plan my workout to fit my travel schedule. For example, I account for recovery days as well as workout days. (You get stronger when your muscle tissue builds back up on recovery days.) So if I can’t ride on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll use that time to recover from intense rides on the weekend.”

“But I’m not so organized that I can’t be flexible. Things come up. Sometimes my travel itinerary is just too crowded and I don’t bother to pack the bike.”