Chief Super Mom

Job Titles of the Future: Jill Dalby Ellison


Who: Jill Dalby Ellison (
Age: 34
Has held title for: 11 months
Previous title: PhD candidate, Harvard University


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Jill Dalby Ellison, chief super mom at, where you can learn about community arts, music, and sports activities. In addition to her content-managing duties on the site, she’s a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, the alumnae-association class president for Wellesley College, and the head of her son’s Tiger Cub troop. What a mom!

How did you become chief super mom?

Well, it wasn’t from a radioactive-spider bite. The title is a combination of what I do in my personal life and what I do in my professional life.

How do you use your superpowers?

I help parents organize their families. At you can find out which activities are available in your community, enroll online — even purchase the necessary gear.


Golly, Super Mom! How do you do it?

I use my trusty network of super parents, of course! Who better to fill me in on family activities than the people who are involved in them?