My Favorite Bookmarks: Damon Danielson

Who: President and CEO of dotcomix, an online animation studio
Surfing Manifesto: “It’s the content, stupid.”



This site facilitates group communication. I use it to organize the classes I teach.


This is one of the most thorough Web sites partially dedicated to surfing — and I mean real, on-the-water surfing. Its wave reports, buoy reports, and live video of some of my favorite spots shorten my morning surf-check cycle.

Inside’s daily media dish is well written and keeps me up to speed on what my friends — at least the ones in the staid, traditional media spaces — are up to.

Paul Franklin

You may have heard Paul play steel on a number of Dire Straits CDs. The way he plays steel makes me melt! Find out all about him and his music here.


The daily email update keeps me in the loop for tracking the VC community’s flavor du jour.

This site provides powerful and flexible video messaging that works without tying up disk space. User-generated video is part of the future. Get used to it.