Curator of the Enlightened Orchard

Who: Roya Zamanzadeh
Company: Pear Transmedia Inc.
Age: 37
Has held title for: 8 months
Previous title: CEO


Roya Zamanzadeh makes sure that the 13-person team at Pear Transmedia Inc., a Web-design-and-development company that boasts big-name clients such as Bugle Boy and Mattel, is well-nourished and growing. When she helped found the company five years ago, she wanted to create a collective working environment that would welcome diversity and change.

What makes you ripe for the job?

My listening skills. I’ve spent years working in traditional corporations, and I’ve learned that it’s imperative that the needs of employees be answered. So a good ear is important.

When did you become enlightened?

In the fall of 1999, we were being pursued by many suitors. We did a lot of soul searching and realized that selling would mean losing control of our company culture and lifestyle. So we passed up the suitors (and the cash) for work-life balance.

How do you maintain your aura?

Doing well by doing good. Every quarter, we choose a pro bono project so that we can give back to our community.

Astrid Sandoval ( is a former Fast Company intern.