• 09.30.00

The Key to Keeping in Touch

Click Here: keeps you in touch.

The only thing that’s harder than keeping up with the fast-moving network economy is keeping the people in your personal network up-to-date on your whereabouts. ( is a Web-based tool that makes it easier for friends, family, colleagues, and contacts to reach you, even if your coordinates change.


To get yourself a Zkey, visit the site and enter your name, your email address, and the letters or numbers (up to 32 characters) that you wish to establish as your Zkey ID. Now you’re ready to enter home and work addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and pager numbers.

The next time you want to share information about yourself with others, don’t give them a soon-to-be-obsolete business card — give them your Zkey ID. To access your data, the person just has to visit the site and then enter your code. If any of your information changes, you simply have to update your profile, and then everyone who uses your Zkey will have access to your new coordinates.

But not everyone gets to have access to everything. You can make some of your information public. You can also grant certain people access to more of your information by going into your profile area and by selecting them from your contact list. For example, you can give all of the folks back at the office access to your home and work numbers, but you can make sure that those pesky customers and suppliers only get to see your work number.