• 11.30.00

One for All

Easy listening.

Whether you prefer to burn your own, buy retail, or download from the Internet, the Philips eXpanium is sure to please. The unit plays your ripped CDs, standard discs, MP3 files — even discs with multiple formats — without getting all hot and bothered about it. Tired of loading up the disc changer in your trunk for road trips? Just compress your standard CDs into MP3 format and play them on your eXpanium — that’s up to 10 solid hours of uninterrupted tunes on a single disc, or more than 150 tracks. The eXpanium comes with an adapter for your car, headphones, and a remote. And the unit’s electronic skip-protection feature ensures a smooth ride, even if you’re walking. The eXpanium costs $199. Visit Philips Consumer Electronics on the Web (