Fab Four

Here are some out-of-the-way airport spots where you can hide out and keep your blood pressure down.

Getting stuck at the airport is an invitation for stress, even without the crowded entrance gates, the wailing 2-year-olds, and the canceled flights. Luckily enough for harried road warriors, havens do exist. Why limit yourself to the overfilled waiting areas while you’re waiting out a hailstorm? Here are some out-of-the-way airport spots where you can hide out and keep your blood pressure down.

Airport Cozy Corner Ambiance Caveats
Denver International Airport
Level 5, south end of the Jeppesen Terminal. This lightly trafficked area makes for a quiet refuge. Best bet: Italian couches that put typical airport chairs to shame. Or head to the bridge from Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse A for a great view of the Rocky Mountains. None. Take in the gorgeous views — or any of the airport’s 26 permanent art installations. You’ll also find revolving exhibits in the passenger walkway from the terminal to Concourse A.
Heathrow Airport
The children’s play areas, located on the middle floor of the Flight Connections Centre in each of the airport’s four terminals. The play areas include climbing frames and soft toys, and are situated away from the main seating area. The padded floors are very sleep-conducive. It may be a little hard to stretch out and sleep in the children’s play area if children happen to be playing there.
New Orleans International Airport
Jester Grill, which is in West Terminal, and Jester Express, which is in Concourse B. Low light, red decor. The restaurant is cafeteria-style, so there’s no waitstaff to rush you out. Plus, if the in-flight meal promises to disappoint — hey! You’re in New Orleans! Order up some jambalaya. As one of the airport’s limited dining options, Jester tends to be busy during peak meal times. You may have trouble scoring a booth of your own, especially if you aren’t ordering anything.
Philadelphia International Airport
Rocking chairs between B and C terminals at the base of the US Airways Club. They’re out of the way, they’re facing windows, and they’re comfortable. If you have plenty of time to kill, rent a portable DVD player and a movie at the Inmotion Pictures kiosks in Concourses B and E. Due to their appeal, the chairs are in high demand, so it may be hard to find a vacant seat. Plans are in the works to buy more rockers in the near future.