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My Favorite Bookmarks - Michael Wood

Picks from the VP of Teenage Research Unlimited.

Who: Vice president of Teenage Research Unlimited
Surfing Manifesto: It's my job to track the unique culture, psyche, buying behavior, and media appetite of American teens. So you can imagine the kinds of sites that I visit.


This site has a lock on content that is generated by teens.


This X Games site shows you what the skater kids in your neighborhood wish they were doing.


There are still some floaty pens that I haven't acquired yet.

We bought our collection of rock posters here — both those that decorate our teen-respondents room and those that adorn our client viewing room (because some of our clients remember their youth).

Peeps Republic

This site rocks! From Aaliyah to Creed, you just can't find more music information crammed into one place.

A version of this article appeared in the December 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine.