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Staff Stuff: Go the (Long) Distance

A shoe that truly goes the distance.

Dotcom darlings and marathoners alike are sucking wind to be trailblazers — first to market, first to the finish line. So don't tank because you have the wrong gear.

That's what I learned during the 1997 Chicago Marathon. I was the slack-jawed runner suffering at the five-mile mark from cramped and bleeding feet. This month I'm running the race in the Gel-Nimbus II by ASICS, a shoe that truly goes the distance. Its molded cushioning cradles my foot for maximum shock absorption.

Visit ASICS on the Web (, but don't let the product jargon slow you down. According to the site, the Nimbus II, which costs $110 a pair, features "midsole materials, which address the degree and velocity of pronation." Translation? This stuff makes you run faster.

A version of this article appeared in the October 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine.