• 10.31.00

Want an Appointment? Get in the Zone.

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Making a restaurant reservation, booking a nail appointment, or finding a plumber has never been easier — that is, if you’re in the zone.


BookingZone ( is a reservation portal that lists more than 2.5 million national service providers. Enter the name of a specific business, or browse lists sorted by topic, such as local restaurants, hair stylists, carpenters, and more. Once you’ve found what you need, enter the details of the service, along with your top-three date and time preferences. BookingZone then notifies the business by tapping into its reservation system and sending a message to a two-way pager, to a PalmPilot, or by phone. And because the service doesn’t require participating companies to make any investment in its technology, even the tiniest businesses are represented.

But BookingZone gives its clients some high-tech options. In addition to allowing you to track appointments and reservations on the site, it also lets you make appointments from your PalmPilot. You can even transfer your appointments into Microsoft Outlook. And the service is free for users (although vendors pay a fee). Now, that’s being in the zone!