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Rest for the Weary

Four remedies for insominia that are bound to lull you into dreamland.

Product Dream Weaver Snooze Alarm Sweet Dreams
Sleep Machines CD Collection
With selections such as Beach, Creek, Fan, Furnace, and Rain, there's a 60-minute Sleep Machine CD for everyone. Cue up Dryer, and listen to the clothes tumble. Sounds just like home. An hour of crashing waves or humming machines may get a little dull, but isn't that the point? Choose from 10 different CDs that promise to transport you to a "blissful rest." At $9.95 each, the CDs are cheaper and safer than sleeping pills. May or may not be habit-forming.
Mountain Breeze
Soothing scents may be all it takes to whisk you off to sleep. Choose an aroma, switch on the unit, and you'll enjoy the "delightful fragrance and benefits of pure essential oils." Though this device is lightweight, you may have to rethink your packing priorities in order to bring it along. The Aromatherapy Ioniser cleans stale hotel air and makes it smell good. Comes with a starter kit of essential oils and natural-fragrance pads. Price: about $40.
Heavenly Bed
Westin Hotels & Resorts has introduced the Heavenly Bed, which includes five down pillows, a custom-designed mattress set, three sumptuous cotton sheets, a down blanket, and a comforter. The Heavenly Bed is not yet available at every Westin, so be sure to ask when you make reservations. If what Westin says is true (that the bed is "an oasis for the weary traveler" and "heaven on earth"), you might have trouble heeding your 5 AM wake-up call.
Why limit yourself to in-room entertainment options? Go to Kozmo. com and set up a free account. You can buy and/or rent books, magazines, DVD, and movies, and your order will be delivered in under an hour. Don't be tempted by the site's high-sugar fare, such as cookies and Ben & Jerry's: You're not going to doze off after downing Oreos and M&Ms. Kozmo does deliver milk, but you'll have to warm it up yourself. Delivery to your door is free, and you can arrange for any rentals you order to be picked up and returned for only $1. Last call: midnight. After that, it's back to the five-day forecast.

A version of this article appeared in the September 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine.