• 09.30.00


Now your 35mm camera can go digital.

In an age when you can turn your PC into a stereo system and your PDA into an MP3 player, it seems only fitting that your 35mm camera serve double duty too. If you’ve invested in some state-of-the-art SLR gear and just aren’t ready to go totally digital, the EFS-1 System from Silicon Film Technologies Inc. is a good compromise. Snap an (e)film Cartridge into your camera’s film compartment, and you’re ready to take digital pictures. When you’re done shooting, download your photos to your PC or Mac. Or, if you’re away from your computer, store your images in the portable (e)box, reload your (e)film, and continue shooting. The
(e)film Cartridge stores up to 24 digital photos, and it can be taken out of your camera and replaced with regular film at any time. The EFS-1 System costs $699. Visit Silicon Film on the Web (