Top Motor Mouth

Job Titles of the Future: Donovan Moxey


Who: Donovan Moxey
Company: Lipsinc
Age: 33
Has held title for: 2 1/2 years
Previous title: Technical intern at Dell Labs


Get your motor running: Donovan Moxey, the business-development and operations maven of Lipsinc, knows that the Internet world has more than a few picky consumers. He helps Lipsinc, which develops lip-synchronization and facial-animation technology, get the word out to potential partners.

How is your mouth like a motor?

In a company of big mouths and loudmouths, I maintain the business and operational motors. As we grow, my job is to keep us focused on business-development and strategic partnerships, and to look for the next best thing to keep us ahead.

Does your motor ever putter?

No. The learning curve at Lipsinc is wonderful. There’s always something new to work on, like new partnerships and new business models. I have a technical background, so when I came to Lipsinc, I made a conscious effort to be involved in the business side.


What keeps your motor running?

I lift weights and play racquetball, and I golf every once in a while. Even more importantly, I just stopped working on Sundays.