• 08.31.00

Kid Digital

Cams that will make your kids the envy of the neighborhood.

It’s never too soon to introduce your kids to technology that will make them the envy of the neighborhood. The Intel Play Me2Cam, a computer video camera introduced by Intel in partnership with Mattel, uses a virtual-reality program that allows kids to transport themselves digitally into five different on-screen environments, including a ski slope, a pinball machine, and a dance club. After the images are downloaded, all the kids have to do to move their likenesses around on their PC’s screen is gyrate in front of the camera. The KB Gear Interactive JamCam 3.0 can be used in conjunction with a digital sound lab and a Web-graphics tool kit to make a stellar Web presence. The Me2Cam sells for $69, and the JamCam 3.0 sells for $99. Visit Intel Play ( and KB Gear’s Jam line ( on the Web.