Executive Cheerleader

Who: Stephen Dinger
Company: Washington Council for Private Education
Age: 49
Has Held Title For: One year
Previous Title: President, Washington Federation of Independent Schools

In private-school circles, innovation is a hot topic. But how do you anticipate the future needs of private institutions and support schools that are willing to take risks? Stephen Dinger, executive cheerleader for the Washington Council for Private Education, an advocacy group based in DuPont, Washington, has a few answers to that question.

Do you have a lot of pep?

I’m the rah-rah person who motivates the community behind our organization and who encourages others to take on leadership roles. Education needs more cheerleaders, people who take the team and get it excited — not only about what it is doing, but also about what it is not doing yet.

How do you spell success?

We know that there are many schools out there that would be willing to try new things — but a lot of them just don’t have the money that they need to do it. So we are offering it. When we start getting different schools to compete, as creatively as they possibly can, for access to our funds, that will be our first taste of success.FCS