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My Favorite Bookmarks – Walter J. Ife

Picks from the cofounder of buyarock.com

Who: Cofounder of buyarock.com
Email: ife@buyarock.com
URL: www.buyarock.com
Surfing Manifesto: The Internet allows me to indulge the diversities of my personality and interests on a regular basis.

CBS SportsLine


This site is an invaluable source for staying competitive in my fantasy-football league.



This is the single best source for news, business information, and research for anyone who’s busy — not just CEOs.

gear mag TV


Here’s where I go for a fresh, insightful perspective on pop culture that keeps me in touch with my customers — in broadcast quality!

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages


I use this site to discover interesting hikes and canoe routes in upstate New York, but GORP can help you plan a trip anywhere. Get first-hand descriptions and recommendations for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

The Weather Channel


I’m fascinated by the power of Mother Nature, and I like to know what she has in store as I plan outdoor activities.


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