My Favorite Bookmarks – Flex the Cat

Who: Attitude engineer at Vaguepolitix




Surfing Manifesto: It’s my job to frame complex political issues in a way that won’t put people to sleep. I’m always looking for political sites that are “Vague” — amazing, amusing, and solution-driven.

1st Headlines

This site gives me a bird’s-eye view of what news sources worldwide deem worthy for publication.

The Shredder

When headlines bore me, I read the outrageous “news” created by this site’s chieftain, David Gurevich.

Public Agenda

Most pro-versus-con polls are pretty two-dimensional, but this site manages to boil issues down without losing that complex, fishy aroma I love.

The Political Insider

Here, I can follow electoral fun and games with a gamy sense of fun.

Women’s Voting Guide

This site helps me formulate intelligent opinions on political issues — and then compare them with my legislators’ erratic and perplexing votes.

Passport Kids

Can a Web site that lets kids explore their similarities and differences save the world? Probably not. But it’s nice to know that democracy is alive — and playful — on the Web.