• 07.31.00

Feed Your Head

Get big sound from small headphones.

Sometimes the best way to crank out good work at the office or on the road is to crank up some good tunes on your laptop. But if you happen to be a real sucker for high-quality sound (or if you worry that your coworkers might think that your taste in music, well, sucks), then you’re stuck with the problem of strapping on a pair of monster-size headphones to get a true in-your-head effect.


Not anymore. If you’re looking for big sound from small headphones, you might want to try the portable i40 stereophones from Koss, the same company that makes the kind of behemoth headsets that have long been a favorite of most audiophiles. Among the i40’s best features: a truly lightweight, collapsible design and an easy-to-access volume control that’s right on the cord.

Like so much else nowadays, the i40 — which costs $14.99 — comes in four fruity iMac-inspired colors. Visit Koss on the Web (