• 07.31.00

You’ll Really Flip Over This Feature

Click Here: Backflip makes rediscovering sites easy.

Are you frustrated by how hard it is to find good stuff on the Web? How about trying to find it again? Backflip ( makes getting back to stuff that you saw “somewhere on the Web” so easy that it will have you doing back flips.


To get started, visit Backflip, and drag the “Backflip It!” link into your browser tool bar. (Note: Mac users with Netscape need to drop the icon into their bookmark folder and then drag the alias onto their desktop.) The next time you come across a Web page that you’d like to save, just hit the “Backflip It!” icon. A window will appear with that page’s URL, its title, and a place where you can add your own description. You can then file the page yourself by selecting the appropriate folder from a pull-down menu, or you can tell Backflip to file it automatically.

Besides helping you organize bookmarks, Backflip also makes sharing pages a snap. You can send individual pages or entire folders to friends simply by typing in their email addresses. If you send a page, the email will include a direct link to that page. If you send a folder, recipients will be taken to your Backflip folder, where they will find a list of links and descriptions.