This is the main way men’s and women’s resumes are different

This is the main way men’s and women’s resumes are different

Recent research by the University College London and recruiting platform Oleeo, suggests that women’s resumes aren’t using the language necessary to attract recruiters’ attention.


The report reveals that 90% of the top 10 words men used in their resumes are more powerful proper nouns and common nouns, versus only 68% on women’s resumes.

The research analyzed the lexical, syntactic, and semantic differences in over 200,000 resumes from global candidates in financial services, IT, management consulting, and retail. Women highlighted their facility to organize and assist, create and communicate while men focused on specific skills like technical and investment.

Here are how the top 10 words differ between men and women in these four sectors.

Financial Services

Male: equity, portfolio, investment, capital, analyst, finance, market, stock, interests, technical

Female: organize, event, volunteer, assistant, social, student, marketing, community, department, plan

Information Technology

Male: PHP, C, software, Linux, C++, computer, have, developer, engineer, network

Female: volunteer, event, assistant, organize, analyze, plan, student, social, conduct, excel

Management Consulting

Male: engineering, sport, investment, finance, analyst, club, cost, financial, technology, technical

Female: volunteer, assistant, event, social, organize, write, community, student, communication, research

Retail and Buying

Male: football, play, sport, business, club, technology, computer, mobile, IT, leadership

Female: art, child, volunteer, shop, assistant, assist, social, design, organize, create