Top 5 ads of the week: Nike, Under Armour, and, yes, even IHOB

A pancake restaurant somehow dominated brand news, Shea Moisture celebrates dads, and Wish jokes around with soccer stars.

Top 5 ads of the week: Nike, Under Armour, and, yes, even IHOB

As you know, the world is a pretty wacky place. A place where an American president can create a fake movie trailer about the fate of the world. And a place where IHOP can somehow capture the brand and marketing news cycle as if we lived in an alternative universe where pancakes were as buzzworthy as the new iPhone. Sure, some called their temporary new name, IHOB, “The Most Obnoxious Brand Move of the Year,” but IHOP president Darren Rebelez told AdAge that just this week the chain is selling four to seven times as many burgers. Sometimes a stupid stunt is just stupidly creative enough to work. Onward!


IHOP “Burgers, burgers, burgers”

What: A name change stunt to promote IHOP’s burger menu.

Who: IHOP, Droga5

Why we care: I don’t know how it worked or why it worked, but the fact remains that before this week, no one was talking about IHOP. And then they were. It’s not even an especially original move–remember Budweiser’s stint as “America”? Or Pizza Hut’s temporary swap to Pasta Hut? Perhaps calling themselves IHOB, in reference to the burgers they sell, was just too ludicrous to ignore. Or we completely underestimated people’s love of pancakes (and burgers?). Either way, with coverage across all major networks and news organizations, this was the earned media champ of the week.

Nike “Rise. Grind. Shine. Again.”

What: Nike celebrates Kevin Durant’s second consecutive NBA title with the Golden State Warriors, and his second NBA Finals MVP in a row.

Who: Nike, Translation

Why we care: While we might just remember his 33-foot three-point dagger in the final minute of the finals Game 3 to clinch the win, here Nike does its Nike-est to remind us that it takes a lot of quieter, tougher moments to get there.


Under Armour “Steph Curry–Will Finds A Way”

What: It’s Under Armour’s turn to honor its star player on the Warriors championship team.

Who: Under Armour

Why we care: There’s not much you can say about Steph Curry as a basketball player that hasn’t already been shouted from the rooftops. Here, Under Armour takes on some of the critics in hoops culture with a fun, sly shimmy of a response.

Shea Moisture “#MyDadSmiles”

What: A social Father’s Day campaign from Shea Moisture that shines a spotlight on some loving dads.

Who: Shea Moisture


Why we care: The series featuring nine different men gives us a heartfelt look at the perspectives of black fathers, a rarity in advertising.

Wish “#TimeOnYourHands”

What: A World Cup-themed campaign from e-commerce app Wish that imagines what some of the soccer stars who missed out on the big tournament will be doing this summer.

Who: Wish

Why we care: Aside from Nike and Adidas, it’s pretty rare to see more than one global soccer star in a single ad campaign. But seven? For a shopping app? Impressive. Then to actually make them seem funny is an added bonus. Read more about the campaign here.

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