Here are all the best Royal Wedding drinking games in one handy list

Here are all the best Royal Wedding drinking games in one handy list
[Photo: Yutacar/Unsplash]

Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, May 19. While we don’t normally advocate drinking at 7 a.m. ET (let alone at 4 a.m. PT), there are no rules when it comes to celebrating an American actress marrying into England’s royal family.

To that end, we’ve gathered up some of the many royal wedding drinking games* floating around the web and compiled them into a handy list. Grab some champagne or a Pimms Cup and play along. Soon enough, you may think you are one of the 600 invitees to the royal wedding.

  • Is a flower girl crying? Drink
  • Did a guest trip on a gown? Drink
  • Was that someone’s phone ringing during the ceremony? Drink
  • Did someone mention that the carriage carrying the happy couple is called an Ascot Landau carriage? Drink
  • Is Prince George acting “cheeky”? Drink
  • Did Pippa Middleton’s dress from her sister’s wedding come up? Drink
  • Did you spot one of Prince Harry’s exes? Drink
  • Spice Girls sighting? Drink
  • Is  an American announcer doing a British accent? Drink
  • Was that a Suits reference? Drink
  • Did someone mention that Meghan is American? Drink
  • Are TV commentators talking about Twitter, Facebook, or hashtags? Drink
  • Did someone say the magical words: “fairy tale,” “true love,” “happily ever after,” or “dream come true”? Drink
  • Did a commentator mention that Meghan’s parents are divorced? Drink
  • Is there a flashback to Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton? Drink
  • Did a TV announcer say that Meghan Markle was breaking royal protocol? Drink

*If you’re going to actually play these, please drink responsibly.