The best (and worst) 5-word career advice Twitter is giving grads

The best (and worst) 5-word career advice Twitter is giving grads
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Not that you asked, graduates, but the Twitterverse is coming out in force to guide you through your first steps as a newly minted member of the Class of 2018. So we combed #GraduationAdviceIn5Words for the better bits of wisdom to keep in mind (as well as some nuggets you can probably ignore).

Emotional intelligence is a key job skill, so be nice:

Forget what you could’ve done better, and focus on developing what you already do well:

Don’t wait to start putting money away:

Remember that bankruptcy doesn’t cancel student loans:

Those last two are likely to raise blood pressures. Wages continue to be low and student loans are at historic highs. But while saving might sound like a pipe-dream, some underpaid entry-level workers have figured out how to get started (here are a few tips).

If you’re submitting a resume anywhere, it’s safe to assume an automated system is doing the first review, so avoid weird fonts and formatting. And bad aesthetic choices:

Of course, with unemployment at record lows and underemployment very much a thing, this “advice” isn’t very helpful:


Neither is this, if you’re looking to apply that degree and avoid low wages:

This isn’t the most sage counsel when you consider what recruiters might be scrutinizing even more closely than LinkedIn:

You’ll want to give employers something to find when they inevitably hit up your social profiles, though. Here’s how to make sure they like what they see.

In the meantime, these Twitter users point out that when the going gets tough, there’s always board games and booze:

Not that you should necessarily take that advice. Looking for better suggestions? One Fast Company editor suggests that you start with his career newsletter for recent grads: