One of the most popular royal wedding tweets was fake news

One of the most popular royal wedding tweets was fake news
[Illustration: tinnakorn/iStock]

As Royal Wedding Mania reaches fever pitch, Twitter has revealed the most viral tweets about the impending nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Turns out that one of the most retweeted stories was fake news.

A tweet featuring Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, Sr., reading a book called Images of Britain was one of the most popular tweets. As of press time, the hilarious image of the father of the future British princess brushing up Britain had 34,446 retweets and 129,333 likes. That photo, though, was faked: A report by the Daily Mail revealed that, in what will hopefully become the plot line for a future reboot of Father of the Bride, dear old dad had staged the photos with the paparazzi. Regardless, the image had already gone viral, thanks in part to Twitter.

According to Twitter, here are the most re-tweeted tweets about the #RoyalWedding:

  • Meghan Markle’s Suits co-star Patrick Adams’s reaction to the engagement
  • That joke about the engagement being a way for Brits to get America back
  • Obama tweeting his congratulations
  • That tweet mocking the Mirror for tweeting that Diana was “attending the wedding”
  • The realization that Cardi B and Ed Sheeran are the new royal couple
  • Kensington Palace’s announcement of the engagement
  • The celebration of Meghan’s mom
  • The now-discredited photo of Thomas Markle, Sr. reading a book on Britain
  • The Clarence House announcement of the engagement
  • A joke about Prince Harry finally tasting “seasoned” food