The Recommender: What execs from Teen Vogue and YogaGlo are obsessing over

The Fast Company community talks quirky-colored ice cream, high tech air purifiers, and more.

The Recommender: What execs from Teen Vogue and YogaGlo are obsessing over
[Photo: Celine Grouard for Fast Company]

1. BKR Water Bottle

From $42,


“I’ve had a lot of water bottles and this one is by far my favorite. Not only because it’s glass (which helps the water keep a clean taste) but because of the top handle, which makes it super easy to hold on a hike and carry around during the day.” Eleanor Haycock, founder, Year of Ours

2. Molekule Air Purifier


“We were recently inspired to re­­search and invest in a new air purifier. This one by Molekule is quiet, energy-efficient, and can be controlled via an app. It also looks cool.” Derik Mills, founder and CEO, YogaGlo

3. Chen and Kai Folded vessel

From $150,


“If you, like me, are still in love with print magazines and books, this cleverly designed shelf will help you show off your reading list in exquisite fashion.” —Phillip Picardi, chief content officer, Teen Vogue and Them

4. Original Grain Brewmaster watch


“This watch is a great conversation starter. The wood is made from 100-year-old German beer barrels, so not only does the piece tell time, it tells a story.” Bryce Goldman, cofounder and CEO, Kopari Beauty

5. Soft Swerve ice cream

From $5,


“At the Soft Swerve on Allen Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I go for the matcha green tea ice cream and other rare flavors.” Zack Moscot, chief design officer, Moscot

6. Sudan archives ep

$15 (vinyl),

“If you haven’t listened to 23-year-old violinist and singer Sudan Archives, then stop right now and turn her on. I stumbled onto her work when she opened for Kelela at a SXSW party. I haven’t stopped listening since.” Zach Stafford, editor-in-chief, Into

7. Planoly instagram planner

From $7/month,

“Planoly allows me to play with the style, look, and accessibility of my Instagram posts, showing me how planned photo tiles will look when someone visits my profile page. It also helps me auto-post at scheduled times.” Brittany Packnett, creator, Love + Power; contributor, Pod Save the People

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