5 Better Ways Jim Carrey Could’ve Trolled Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Jim Carrey painted an unflattering portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to express his disapproval of her. Here are some other ways he could’ve gone about doing that.

5 Better Ways Jim Carrey Could’ve Trolled Sarah Huckabee Sanders
[Photo: Noemi Nuñez/Wikimedia Commons]

Recently, noted anti-vaxxer and Emma Stone-stalker Jim Carrey has turned over a new, artistic leaf. As a documentary that went viral last fall made clear, Carrey is now obsessed with painting, and much like former president George W. Bush, he’s actually gotten quite good at it. A new piece by the burgeoning Picasso, however, is going viral for a different reason than the documentary.


Over the weekend, Carrey tweeted out a portrait he made of an unnamed woman that is quite obviously intended to be White House spokestooge Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and conservative media is not exactly responding to it with a “Yes, Man.” 

Fox News, the network where Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity regularly rail against the scourge of political correctness, aired an entire segment devoted to how Jim Carrey’s painting and tweet are offensive.

“This is a moment for us as conservatives to say you can keep leveling these attacks against us but we’re not going to respond to it with the exact same ugliness,” said Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, who seems to be suggesting that when the opposition goes low, one might consider going high–a fresh new concept that is so crazy it just might work. “We have more to offer, better education, better comments. We can argue with logic, we don’t need to argue with ad hominem attacks all the time.”

She makes some compelling points. I would be able to counter them with logic if only there were some prominent figure conservatives love whose whole thing was making up pejorative, junior high-style nicknames for people, and conducting himself overall like a petty, classless troll-lord. If only there were someone who matched that description.

Although Sanders’s father, the famous comedian Mike Huckabee, was cheesed off about the whole situation, he took particular offense to Carrey’s characterization of Sanders as a so-called Christian.


Hopefully, nobody will tell him that after a prominent game show host spent five years claiming Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim, Huckabee did everything he could to elect that man president.

So yes, obviously the response to Carrey’s painting is hypocritical howling from the right. Fine. As much as it pains me to admit, however, they do have a point. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has proven to be even more of a brazen liar, stonewaller, and even a bully, than her predecessor, Sean Spicer, that an unflattering portrait simply feels like the wrong line of attack. Who cares what Sanders look like when her words and actions are so indefensible? Were Carrey to simply call her a so-called Christian, it wouldn’t have generated as much of a response. The fact that he is addressing her physical appearance as well gives her defenders a whiff of gender politics to seize on.

Rather than further chide Carrey for his poor choice, I will offer up five suggestions for more practical ways he could use his artistic talents to address the White House Press Secretary who once refused to answer the question, “Does the White House think slavery is wrong?”

  1. A screenplay for the sequel to his 1997 hit, Liar Liar, in which a magic wish by one of Sanders’s children finds her unable to lie for 15 seconds, during which time shenanigans ensue. (Donald Trump goes to jail.)
  2. A painting series of the looks on reporters’ faces while listening to Sanders’s press briefings.
  3. A sonnet about Joseph Goebbels, only at the end he reveals it was actually about Sanders and includes a drawing of his eye, mid-wink.
  4. A video montage of every time Sanders has said, “The president has been very clear on that” about something the president has never been clear about even a little bit.
  5. A performance art piece about Sanders’s job that closely resembles Carrey pushing a large boulder up a hill while also being weird to April Ryan.