Nike Loves London, GE Knows What Matters: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

The Swoosh breathes air, Monoprix turns its products into pick-up lines, and CNN gives more truth apples.

Nike Loves London, GE Knows What Matters: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

It may declare that “Nothing Beats a Londoner,” but what the epic Nike spot that dropped last Friday really says is “Nothing Beats a Nike Ad at Its Best.” Yes, it’s got the quick cuts and multi-sport fun of “Short a Guy,” but it also shows the brand putting young unknowns not only alongside superstar athletes and artists but on a pedestal above those stars. And according to Wieden+Kennedy London creative directors Paddy Treacy and Mark Shanley, that’s the most important part.


As they told me earlier this week, “We wanted to celebrate them the way we usually celebrate famous athletes, flipping the traditional model and holding the kids up as the inspiration for all and painting a picture of London, through the lens of sport, as the incredible city it is.” Onward!

Nike “Nothing Beats A Londoner”

What: An epic ode to London from Nike, featuring athletes, artists, and more.

Who: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy London

Why we care: For all the reasons we listed above, but getting down to brass tacks, this is Nike at its best. Fast, frenetic, stylish with a smirk.

GE “What Matters”

What: GE ad that debuted during the February 11 Winter Olympics broadcast.


Who: General Electric, BBDO New York

Why we care: This is how you bring a level of humanity to a behemoth global corporation. By telling us all it’s not about the tech–the jet turbines, the electrical grid tech, the industrial internet–it’s really about how those things actually help people in their everyday lives. A simple message, wonderfully told here in a near-perfect emotional tone, especially for Olympic TV audiences already primed up for the feels.

Nike “Air”

What: The Swoosh pays tribute to both the simple act of breathing and the sneaker feature that made it famous.

Who: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Why we care: Frankly, it’s not as good as the London spot, but it’s a different vibe. Where “Nothing Beats a Londoner” feels very young, new, and cranked full of raw energy, this is more like classic Nike. It’s like comparing Skepta with the Rolling Stones. Both are great, we’ve just seen this act many times before.


Monoprix “Pack 06”

What: Valentine’s Day campaign for the French grocery chain Monoprix that uses product packaging in the pursuit of love.

Who: Monoprix, Rosapark

Why we care: According to the brand, 50% of its customers are single, so Monoprix turned some products into (albeit fromage-y) word-play declarations of affection, with a spot to write down your mobile number. Ambitious and goofy, sure, but wouldn’t you shop there just to check it out?

CNN “Case”

What: CNN continues its apple analogy for facts, then takes things up a level.

Who: CNN, Figliulo & Partners


Why we care: Last October, CNN came out with a cheeky ad swiping back at President Trump’s frequent accusations of fake news by illustrating how no matter how loud and often you repeat a falsehood, it’s still a falsehood. Now the news network takes things to the next level to show what a whole bunch of falsehoods can lead to. Not-so subtle, yet pretty perfect.

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