Here are all the annoying ads going away on Google Chrome

Here are all the annoying ads going away on Google Chrome

Tomorrow Google Chrome is introducing a long-awaited update that will block some of the most annoying online ads. The announcement has caused many digital media companies to fear the impact it could have on their businesses, but the truth of the matter is these ads are just bad and annoying and the internet will be better off without them.

According to a blog post, Google is following the “Better Ads Standards,” drafted with the help of an ad industry coalition. The standards include criteria for both good and bad digital advertisements. Using these new standards, there are quite a few banners and pop-ups that will be going away come tomorrow.

Here’s a list of annoying desktop advertisements that will be blocked henceforth on Chrome:

  • Pop-up ads: These don’t need much of an explanation. They have been the most annoying things to click out of since the early days of the web.
  • Prestitial ads with countdown: These are the ads that materialize when you’re waiting for a page to load but you have to wait many seconds until you can click out of it.
  • Auto-plan video ads with sound: Another group that doesn’t need much of an explanation. Does anyone like these?
  • Large sticky ads: Perhaps my least favorite ad category. These are the ones that take up what seems like a third, if not half, of the page and stay in view even if you are scrolling down. Good riddance, say I.
Source: Google/Coalition for Better Ads

On the mobile front, even more ads are being blocked. These include pretty much the same ones as desktop, with a few additions–including “flashing animated ads” and advertisements that have a density of over 30% (that is, mobile banners that make the rest of the page impossible to read).

The digital media industry will, of course, adapt. And perhaps this will lead to the revolutionary concept of advertising that’s not meant to be annoying but actually complement the online experience. Maybe I’m naive, but wouldn’t that be a nice future?

You can read the full rundown from Google on its Chrome changes here.

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