Here’s The Next Best Thing To Being At The Fader Fort During SXSW

Since its first run in 2002, the Fader magazine’s Fader Fort has evolved into a highly desired notch on a performer’s resume.

What started out as just a hotel hangout for artists during SXSW became a fully fledged, finely curated music festival that, like that magazine, is focused on giving an elevated platform to artists on the verge of a breakthrough. And now, the Fader is commemorating the past 15 years in the new photobook Fader Fort: Setting the Stage.

Fader Fort: Setting the Stage

“Fader Fort originated from a pure passion that was all about creating amazing moments in live performances,” says Fader co-founder Rob Stone. “Over time we realized these moments are becoming our legacy and our contribution to culture. This book documents those rare moments that made it what it is today.”

Setting the Stage compiles stunning portraits and candid moments onstage and backstage from more than 900 performances.

Check out a few pics in the slide show above, and get more info on Setting the Stage here.