Watch out, Facebook and Google! Amazon just hinted at its ad ambitions

As Facebook and Google continue to control the lion’s share of digital advertising revenue, bystanders wonder what could possibly disrupt the duopoly. Amazon has been a quiet contender, with many speculating that its search-based advertising offerings—which give advertisers more visibility on Amazon’s shopping platform—could grow significantly as advertisers worry about disinformation plaguing social media.

Indeed, at the company’s earnings report, CFO Brian Olsavsky hinted at this himself. For one, when asked about the company’s healthy operating margin, he pointed to increased advertising revenue. “Advertising was a key contributor,” he said—ahead of other things like Alexa sales and Prime memberships. He added that the company will “continue to make the [advertising] offerings more valuable.”

Analysts pressed throughout the call about more details regarding Amazon’s ad business. While Olsavsky wouldn’t reveal specifics, he reiterated the company’s excitement: “We’re definitely seeing some strong growth on our advertising side,” he said. And new reporting revealed earlier this week that Amazon already sells more ads than Snap and Twitter, which backs up Olsavsky’s comments.

Right now, according to the call, the company is focusing on how businesses are using the ad platform to get more visibility on Amazon. Marketers, the company said, have been leaning into the company’s advertising offerings much more.

Olsavsky concluded that we should expect “more and new tools based on what we’re learning from our customers there.”CGW