Burger King’s Net Neutrality, CBS Keeps NFL Simple: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Patagonia profiles a Japanese nuclear plant protest, Skittles might take a talking sandwich to the Super Bowl, and Audi makes the greatest globe-trotting ski ad ever.

Burger King’s Net Neutrality, CBS Keeps NFL Simple: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

How much would you pay to get a Whopper RIGHT NOW? I mean, we’ve all theoretically offered up our left arm, or maybe a middle toe, in a hyperbolic plea for munchies, but what about an IRL $26? This is the premise Burger King and agency David Miami used in their hilariously genius new ad that aimed to explain the debate over net neutrality using the fast feeder’s signature burger. By distilling an often confusing issue down to its brass tacks–the prospect of paying much more for a service we’re already used to getting at a much lower price–the brand not only got itself bucketloads of earned media impressions, but also likely just created thousands, if not millions, of new net neutrality advocates. Onward!


Burger King “Whopper Neutrality”

What: A Burger King ad that uses the Whopper to raise awareness on the issue of net neutrality.

Who: Burger King, David Miami

Why we care: Just a perfect metaphor and way to address a serious issue with a sense of humor. If people get this ticked off over lunch, imagine how pissed they’ll be if Netflix starts demanding those extra charges. Bonus creative troll points to The King for the nod to FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s ridiculously gargantuan Reese’s coffee mug.

CBS “Teasing John Malkovich”

What: A preview teaser for the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who: CBS

Why we care: As I said earlier this week, this isn’t Malkovich’s first NFL rodeo, but damn if he doesn’t just nail it once again. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of a serious thespian with our most brutal of pro sports, but the pairing between Malkovich’s intensity and the NFL’s penchant for drama is just this side of perfect.


Audi “Ski The World”

What: A surreal, globe-trotting ski video starring French pro skier Candide Thovex skiing in exotic locales around the world–including on China’s Great Wall–that all have one thing in common: no snow.

Who: Audi, Candide Thovex

Why we care: As a follow-up to his amazing 2015 all-grass adventure for Audi, Thovex takes things to an epic level here. Athletic and action cinematic creativity at its best. Just watch it.

Skittles “Sandwich”

What: One of Skittles’ handful of goofy Super Bowl ad teasers.

Who: Skittles, DDB

Why we care: This week saw the first trickle of Super Bowl teasers prance their way online. Most of these are completely unnecessary cries for help and attention, with precious few actually being funny or interesting. This, a teaser for perhaps the most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever, starring David Schwimmer, is just weird and short enough to get the job done.


Patagonia “Sea of Miracles”

What: A short film from Patagonia profiling one of the brand’s Japanese environmental grantee’s decades-long fight against proposed nuclear plant construction.

Who: Patagonia

Why we care: Over the past few years, Patagonia has made a name for itself for creating beautiful, informative, and engaging films around the environmental causes it supports–The Fisherman’s Son, DamNation, Jumbo Wild, and a full VR experience for Bears Ears national monument. Here we travel to Japan to meet activist Midori Takashima, founder of the Kaminoseki Nature Conservation Association, as well as fishermen and farmers who have been actively protesting for 35 years. It’s a quiet, affecting, and ultimately inspiring look at keeping the fight alive.


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