Six things to cut from your resume (and two you should add)

Six things to cut from your resume (and two you should add)
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Less is more when it comes to your resume. If it doesn’t fit on a single page, it’s a sign from the universe that you need to hit “delete”–not fiddle with the margins and font size.

Here’s a quick rundown (and here’s a more thorough one) of a few things that can definitely go:

  1. That foreign language you got a C in in college
  2. Basic software relative to your role (i.e. Microsoft Office for everyone; Photoshop for designers)
  3. Tech skills that aren’t in demand, like outdated coding languages
  4. Soft skills that should be givens, like multitasking
  5. Meaningless buzzwords like “team player”
  6. Joke skills for “personality,” like “guacamole aficionado”

Now for a few things you might not have considered adding but probably should:

  1. Soft skills that aren’t basic and obvious, like “conflict mediation” and “collaboration design”–rather than, say “listening” (here’s more info on finding resume-worthy soft skills)
  2. In some cases, a super-short “objective” statement (here’s how and when to write one that doesn’t sound pretentious or passé)