• 08.31.00

Getting Real

A letter from the founding editors.

It’s the first rule of the new economy: Everything changes. So it should come as no surprise that in the course of the past year, the new economy itself changed.


In this, our second annual State of the New Economy issue, we capture and present the new realities of the new economy in a 100-page special report. You’ll meet 17 of the brightest thinkers and doers in the new world of work — and get a chance to hear them answer the question “What works in the new economy, and what’s worrisome?” You’ll visit a 148-year-old company that’s reinventing itself as an old-economy-new-economy hybrid, meet an inspiring business-school professor who is creating a land of hope and dreams, and hear from an author whose work on leadership suggests that there is a new model for leading change. You’ll learn from two people who offer challenging visions of the future — one a scientist at the center of the journey to learn the secret of life, the other an executive with a loving message about the reinvention of marketing.

Finally, the anchor of this special report appears in our section on dissenters. Taking the promise of the new economy seriously means taking its critics seriously — listening to their arguments, weighing their challenges, and, where warranted, adopting their suggestions. We’ve included three voices of dissent: a provocative social commentator who prods us to dig deeper than branding to discover what really matters to us as citizens, a global activist who refutes the precepts of free trade and globalization, and a talented labor organizer who asks us to recommit ourselves not only to economic growth but also to economic justice.

The new economy is getting real. The goal remains the same: to create a workplace where people matter, where ideas count, where creativity sparks new opportunities, where each of us can make a difference. After you read this special report, you will, we hope, return to this new phase of the new economy with fresh insights, fresh energy, and a fresh commitment to reinventing the world of work.