The Twitter purge has arrived and far-right social media is freaking out

Today Twitter’s new guidelines for user conduct went into effect and accounts are already being deleted. The new rules, first announced last month, are meant to cut down on abusive content and harassment and make Twitter a more welcoming place.

Known white nationalists are currently seeing their accounts deactivated, including entire organizations known to be affiliated with neo-Nazism.

Non-U.S. accounts are being purged, too, including leaders from the white nationalist Britain First movement.

Of course, far-right Twitter users are freaking out. If you search “#TwitterPurge,” you can find many accounts bemoaning the death of free speech (neglecting the fact that Twitter is a platform run by a company, not a public space) and wondering when they will be next.

We’ll have to see just how many accounts will be purged. My guess is that it will only be a few, but sometimes a small minority can still be quite loud.