Facebook will now downrank those annoying posts that ask you to tag your friends

And it’s about time. Those spammy posts are officially known as “engagement bait” and they are designed to implore people to tag their friends in comments on the posts in order to game Facebook’s News Feed algorithms in an attempt to get greater reach. In a blog post, Facebook announced it will now begin demoting individual posts from people and Pages that use such tactics:

To help us foster more authentic engagement, teams at Facebook have reviewed and categorized hundreds of thousands of posts to inform a machine learning model that can detect different types of engagement bait. Posts that use this tactic will be shown less in News Feed.

Additionally, over the coming weeks, we will begin implementing stricter demotions for Pages that systematically and repeatedly use engagement bait to artificially gain reach in News Feed.

Facebook says it will roll out this Page-level demotion over the next several weeks to give publishers time to adjust their spammy ways.MG