As allegations pile up, NBC News poll finds men lacking in self-awareness

In the wake of almost daily sexual-harrassment allegations against powerful men in media, entertainment, business, and politics, a new poll from NBC News|SurveyMonkey found that 81% of Americans believe sexual harassment is happening in the workplace–but only 9% believe it is a problem at their own employer. Overall, 87% of the 3,772 adults surveyed said they would feel comfortable reporting harassment to their employer now.

Although the list of high-profile executives and celebrities who’ve been accused of sexual harassment grows longer by the week, the survey found that less than half (46%) of men say they have thought more about their behavior toward women after reading the news reports.

This self-awareness (or lack thereof) was divided along political party lines. Sixty-eight percent of Republican men said they had not reflected on their own behavior or attitudes toward women, while nearly the same amount of Democratic men, (66%) said they had. Female Democrats were more likely to speak up in the wake of news reports than female Republicans (60% vs. 33%), and across genders, 45% of Republicans would continue to support a member of the GOP accused of harassment vs. 18% of Democrats.

The NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll was conducted online from November 27 through November 29, 2017, and its questions “were prompted by a string of revelations that began in early October,” in response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

The timing of the poll is curious given that NBC News is facing its own scandal this week, but the organization declined to comment on the record about whether the survey was timed to Today show anchor Matt Lauer’s firing.

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