Here’s where the world’s millionaires live in 2017

Credit Suisse just released its annual Global Wealth Report, and from the looks of things, the world is not wanting for millionaires—and neither is the United States. In fact, the U.S. now accounts for 43% of the world’s millionaires, the firm estimates. As you might imagine, that’s far more than any other country on Earth. The next in line is Japan, at 7%, which has been falling steadily since 2011 when it peaked at 13%.

The United Kingdom is in third place, with 6% of the world’s millionaires, but thanks to Brexit and a depreciation of the British pound, the country actually lost 34,000 millionaires since last year’s report. Rounding out the list are Germany, China, and France, which account for 5% of the world’s millionaires each. Italy is next with 4%, followed by Canada and Australia at 3%.

The chart below has all the details. You can check out the full report here.

[Image: Credit Suisse]