Facebook is trying to take on Yelp, but Yelp shouldn’t panic yet

Facebook has yet another new product intended to take on yet another technology business. This time, it’s setting its sights on Yelp and Foursquare with its new “Local” app, which lets users see what stories, restaurants, and events are close by.

You can search for destinations with a map feature or scroll through a list. Users can also leave reviews on individual pages. Pretty much, it’s a way for Facebook to serve as even more of a recommendation service.

Will this be a huge blow to Yelp? Historically, Facebook hasn’t done so great with its many of its other imitations. Lest we forget Facebook at Work, which was meant to take on Slack and has yet to make a splash. Ditto for Marketplace, which offers Craigslist-like local listings and really hasn’t entered the mainstream consciousness yet.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories has surely had a real impact on Snapchat. So Local’s chances of success are definitely a crapshoot. You can download the app here.CGW